Value for money

Orologi meccanici fiorentini

How we design and build watches

Essential functionality as a value creation tool.

The MILLEMETRI Augusta is manufactured in Italy with processing starting from a solid bar and manually finished, in strictly limited series of 99 pieces for each type of dial, strictly using only Swiss movements inside, assembled and controlled with the model of the vertical manufacture (one individual responsible for the whole process leadingals up to the final timepiece).
The experience and skills inherited from Anonimo Firenze, combined with the use of the possibilities guaranteed by new technologies, allows MILLEMETRI to offer the Augusta model at a really fair price considering craftmanship materials and the history that it represents.

The Mission to create functional watches, free of unnecessary elements, guided in the past Anonimo Firenze to offer products whose value was closely related to the necessary technical contents. The absence of unnecessary elements made feasible a completely competitive ratio between technical content and cost.
Some of the most significant watches produced by Anonimo Firenze until 2013, arose from the needs of possible professional users listening them and making continuous tests. The Millemetri was born in contact with extreme sports divers; the Professional line has been designed upon the same technical specifications of the CNS (National Underwater Cooperative); the TP52 chronograph originated from the collaboration of professional sailors and Bang & Olufsen.