Move on

Orologi meccanici fiorentini

When history meets the future

The human being lives following the arrow of time.

For MILLEMETRI people the values inherited will always constitute the supporting structure but without being a cage: pursuing what was born twenty-five years ago, maintaining a strong link with the sea and the technology and materials that refer to that world, are just the first steps of an ideal journey. Today, human beings live the paradox of extreme mobility but at the same time live the great inability to grasp the essence of travel, which is first of all experiences knowledge and open mind. MILLEMETRI watches would like, as far as possible to be perceived not an almost useless instrument (only from a purely material and technological point of view), but precisely an object of great emotional value, the ideal companion for those who will wear them, on journeys, urban routes, personal adventures.

Exploration and travel are almost two faces of the same object. MILLEMETRI simply aspires to conceive and introduce timepieces that are technically consistent triggering that little light which, by suggestion and emotional involvement, marks an entire experience.
Maybe a journey in an urban environment, or a deep dive, defined only by one’s own limits or by one’s own professionality; a travel beyond the places already experienced; a flight where to be a pilot and not a passenger.
MILLEMETRI introduce materials as firm statement proposing tradition and at the same time innovation and technical solutions that will allow to face even the most extreme experiences.