Florentine Heritage

Orologi meccanici fiorentini

Introducing the team

A tradition of innovation

The Florentine tradition in watchmaking, within the wider world of Made in Italy, identifies a history of conceptual and mechanical innovation strongly connected with the scientific and industrial history of the city of Firenze.
The choice of the name MILLEMETRI for the Florence brand Timepieces has the value of a statement on the continuity in this line, relaunching it after the Officine Galileo, Officine Panerai and Anonimo Firenze, during the period of activity in Italy, have traced its contours.

Conceived and designed by Federico Massacesi and Antonio Ambuchi in 1997, the first Millemetri created a completely new concept of watch:
The only watch at the time (as it is today) among the very few that was waterproof to at least 100ATM, to be built in three pieces.
A watch capable of immersing itself beyond almost all Diving products but which voluntarily ignored the rules established by Swiss regulations, preferring strength and legibility.
The Crown and helium valve are positioned so as to be accessible but not annoying on the wrist.
Large dimensions that guaranteed, together with the design of the dial optimal readability, without reaching measures incompatible with wearability and beauty.
The new Augusta model is the heir to the original Millemetri, which after over 20 years, mantains its revolutionary power, and refines its characteristics, making the reading of the time even more immediate and improving through innovation. The strap first . Firenze Timepieces has tripled the water resistance of the previous leather straps thanks to the use of nanotechnologies, bringing it to 72 continuous hours; Furthermore eliminating the initial hardness of leathers treated with resins. The choice of Aluminum Bronze as the material for this first model recovers the other great distinctive innovation introduced by Federico Massacesi and Antonio Ambuchi, who established the Bronze as a standard among the materials of watchmaking world.